You automatically arrive here at the start of Act 2, so just go in. You're greeted by a nice pair of legs belonging to Ed's daughter Ana. Strangely, she's dressed in her gym kit. Marc Brown, Ed's adopted son hides behind Ana, saying something like 'pu-puuu' when Ed suggests he introduce himself.

Introductions over, you can now examine various bits of scenery in Ed's front room, including his photos, Ana's bag (take careful note of this - you'll see loads more like it soon enough) and one of Marc's drawings. Examining various bits of Marc's drawing gets different responses... You can also watch TV, where you can hear about solar flares and Beyond Coast's 30th anniversary, along with some repeated bulletins. When you're done, talk to Ed about Ana, Marc and all other topics. You'll be treated to an explanation of how Ed came to adopt Marc - looks like Marc was the hostage of some NARCed-up nutter, and Ed saved him... After a while Ana shouts something out - probably "Dinner's ready!" or something similar, because shortly thereafter, she shouts again, and you find yourself at the dinner table (if you're quick talking to Ed, you can end the conversation and move into the dining room yourself - it's through the door behind Ed).

From the expression on Jonathan's face whenever he eats something (examine some food, then choose the second option), I get the impression he's not too keen on Ana's cooking..? Carry on talking to everyone, I found that you need to go through all options for everyone a couple of times. While trying to talk to Marc, Ed mentions something about tobacco - maybe Marc has a problem with Jonathan being a smoker? Eventually, there's a phone call which Ana takes, then passes to Ed... Something about capsules is mentioned, and your 'deep throat' informant makes his first contact... he mentions AMM, and what sounds like 'Pioneer', 'Nine Stars' and finally 'Policenauts'. After a brief 'excuse us', Ed and Jonathan are off again, headed towards the Museum.

Having visited Kennedy Space Centre, I can safely say that the AMM looks just like the Vehicle Assembly Building, only with a few more bits tagged on. The AMM has it's own Rocket Garden, but with the addition of a Shuttle with its boosters and fuel tank. After looking at all the scenery outside, examine the building, then enter.

First of all, take note of the main, central exhibit. A huge lump of solid CO2 (or something containing CO2) isn't useful just yet, but you never know when you're going to need large amounts of Carbon Dioxide...

The large structure on the right is either MIR, or a scale model. Cool, huh? The woman standing more or less central, right at the front, is one of the AMM staff, an can be spoken to, but she doesn't seem to give much away. Luckily, reception is at the back, and you can get more out of them... When you're done talking, move the pointer to the edge of the screen an bring up the menu to move to a new location. The options here are: Go Outside, Apollo Exhibit, Viking / Planetarium Exhibit, and Beyond Coast / Policenauts Exhibit. Go through the exhibits in the order they appear, making sure you examine all exhibits carefully (ie. more than once) to get all the information you need from here (I'm guessing it's information about historical space missions, and Policenauts backstory), then return to the Viking / Planetarium Exhibit to meet your 'Deep Throat'. Start talking to him to learn (this is all guesswork, by the way) that NARC is K-9, and that Kenzo had a CD-ROM containing valuable evidence. You'll need a T-GEAR99 to run the CD, but that's no problem, is it? A quick warning - if you persue the same lines of enquiry too much, he seems to stop talking to you, and from this point, I've not figured out how to fix things so you can carry on. Be careful.

When all useful dialogue has been used up, 'Deep Throat' disappears, and you're back on your own... Time to find that CD-ROM, I think. Leave the museum, and head back to...

If you went through each and every CD in Karen's rack, you'll have noticed one that looks slightly different - a plain grey box, placed at an angle in a gap. Kind obvious, really. When you try to play that CD now, Jonathan realises it's the CD-ROM they're looking for, and an image of the CD, with the Hojyo logo on it, will be displayed. Time to find a computer?

The obvious choice of computer would be Kenzo's own in the DDS room at Tokugawa Pharmacy R&D. You have to examine the doors again before you can enter (maybe to make sure no-one's there?). Once in, head straight for the DDS room, to discover that Kenzo's machine is gone! Check the calendar to discover it's been wiped clean, then quickly head back outside and leave for...

Again, you have to examine the doors before heading in - maybe it's a night-time thing? - and the place seems deserted. Head on up to Kris' office - she never leaves the hospital, it seems - and ask her about T-GEAR99. It seems to be a Tokugawa Group machine. Now you need to leave, heading for the supplies room, rather than reception, so you can try out the CD-ROM and Kenzo's ID card on the hospital T-GEAR99. Examine the machine to make sure it's the right one, then go right ahead and use it. First of all, switch it on using the dark grey button toward the right hand side of the monitor's base unit. You'll be prompted for an ID card, at which point you should insert Kenzo's card into the slot on the left hand side of the base unit. The ID is confirmed, and it now asks for your Tokugawa employee code. This is simple enough, but a full explanation appears on the FAQ page.

When the employee code is confirmed and you're accepted as a Tokugawa Group employee, you're asked to insert the CD-ROM. The slot for this is on the Tower unit, under a grey button. With the CD in the drive, the presentation begins...

What I gather from all of this is that DDS is 'Drug Delivery System' (I'd guess Kenzo Hojyo was working on this for proper, medical reasons, but Tokugawa found it was ideal for using with the Binary Drug called NARC). Parts of the drug are differenciated by the missing section of the Tokugawa logo - either the left or right half of the top 'leaf'. This is where Lorraine's torn leaf comes in. Jonathan says something about 'Mafia' in connection with Tokugawa after the presentation then, after some lengthy conversation, you return to BCPD and speak to Victor in Forensics about the capsules you gave him earlier...

This section starts with more automatic dialogue - just storytelling - in which Victor says something about AP (Advanced Police) in connection with the capsules. Quickly run through all the dialogue options with Victor, then head off to the AP room, where you'll be hailed by Gatse for more storytelling (though it sounds like a bit of a bollocking). Talk to Tony, and you'll find he's holding a capsule, but it's not NARC - the Tokugawa logo is complete, rather than missing half a leaf. Tony leaves, and you should now head to Ed's office to talk to Meryl and Dave. While talking to Dave, Meryl will chime in, and a lot more talking will ensue. When you leave the room now, Ed makes a remark about the AMM, so I guess it's time to head back there... Go to front desk, then leave BCPD and head straight for AMM.

It's night time now, and the place is deserted. Strangely, Ed and Jonathan have no difficulty getting in. The phrase 'Nine Stars' has been coming into the conversation since talking to Dave, so it's safe to expect that you need to visit the Viking / Planetarium Exhibit, but when you get there, there's nothing unusual going on. Head to the Apollo Exhibit, then to the Beyond Coast / Policenauts Exhibit, and you'll discover something's amiss with the statues: Ed and Jonathan's heads are missing! Head back now to the Planetarium, and you'll find someone else that's missing his head: your spacesuit-wearing informant! Ick!! Taking a quick look at the Voyager plate in the display case, you'll see an 8 petal flower joined by a line to the solar system map. Does this mean your informant was Ishida? Guess so.

Look at the Planetarium display, and you'll discover our solar system suddenly has a tenth planet. Gasp with fear as millions of robotic mosquitoes reveal the horrible truth - it's Ishida's head! After a brief period of trying to shoot the little buggers flying around you, Jonathan gives up. Move off to the Apollo Exhibit, and you'll suddenly find yourself being shot at by another guy in a space suit. It only takes a few hits to put him down, luckily, because having been hit by the mozzies, your life bar is already depleted somewhat. Once he's on the floor, examine him, then the fire extinguisher on the wall. Eventually, you'll take it. Move now to the reception area, examine the rock in the middle of the screen, and Jonathan will shoot it, attracting and killing all the robot mosquitoes. As you run from the building, you're given another opportunity to save, which I suggest you make the most of. The next bit's quite tricky...

After a little chat between Ed and Jonathan, trying to recap what they've learnt so far from the Hospital, Tokugawa Pharmacy, and the informant, Ed notices someone under the Police car... It's the Masked Bomber, and he escapes on his bike. Ed and Jonathan give chase in the car, leading to one of the first really tough shooting sections in the game: A three stage chase down Beyond Coast's highway. At the beginning of the third stage, Ed calls for backup from Meryl and Dave. Once you clear the final stage (and you'll need a steady hand, nerves of steel and a damned good auto fire/auto reload on your gun to do it, believe me), the Masked Bomber runs off to a nearby...

He's obviously on the left of the screen, as a trail of blood leads you to him. Near the trail, Jonathan finds some kind of syringe containing the white fluid (Looks kind of like K-8 from that CD presentation, doesn't it?). Examine the leftmost post, then the staircase to bring the bad guy out of hiding. He'll run about, shooting occasionally. Once he's had enough of you shooting him, he'll dash up the stairs and into the station. Ed calls Meryl and gets her to cut him off at the next stop, but you have to follow him. Enter the station, talk to the people on the platform and examine everything. Eventually, there'll be a signal to the effect that the train's about to leave. Talk to people and examine things again, and eventually the bad guy will take a pot-shot at you. Everyone on the platform drops to the ground, and there's another brief firefight. The Masked Bomber darts onto the train, and you should follow him.

Talk to all the passengers, then move into the next carriage via the door ahead, then examine the white stuff on the floor and talk to everyone here. Soon, the mask will appear. Examine it and Jonathan draws his gun. The nearest guy will panic, as it's his son wearing the mask, he screams something about the guy in the coat (facing away from you), who then leaps out and starts shooting. Hit him a few times and he runs into the next carriage. Follow him into a very nasty situation...

...He's taken Kris hostage! When you get a good look at him, he's got yellowy skin, white eyes and purple hair... Look familiar? The train pulls into a station, and he runs off, leaving Kris crying on the floor. After making sure she's alright, Ed calls Meryl and Dave again, apprising them of the situation. Shortly after Ed and Jonathan disembark, Ed gets a call from Meryl, right in the middle of a firefight. A shot rings out, and Meryl screams for Dave - he's been hit! Ed and Jonathan rush out, just in time to hear Dave's final few words... Meryl is devastated.

Ed and Jonathan kick in the door, but the guy's no longer there. Talk to the woman who is, and examine the door at the back a few times while you do. It seems that that's the way the guy left, but there's something wrong in the shop. Keep talking to the woman until the speech stops, then examine one of the bags. She'll say some more, then you seem to have to examine another bag - a different one - to continue the conversation, then another to start the next section. Ed and Jonathan talk to the woman a little more, eventually letting her go, 'cos the next bit's far too dangerous for her to hang around... Eventually, Meryl turns up with a bag in her hand, and you're given another opportunity to save - use it. This bit's tricky.

An image of a bag will turn up on screen while Ed and Jonathan chat some more. Your job now it to find the exact match for this bag, and discard all the others. When you pick up a bag, an image of it is pulled up on screen (on the right) for comparison with the one you're looking for (on the left). You're then given a menu of two options: Leave Bag or Discard Bag. There are many points to look for, and there are three or four bags which look very similar, but only one will match exactly. Be very careful.


FASTENING STRAPS Number, Length, Pointed or Rounded tips, Number of holes. Some bags have none.
LOGO Position, Style. Some bags have none.
GOLD TRIM Across Opening or Bare Opening. One bag has none.
SHOULDER STRAP Large or small loop. Some bags have none. One bag has a very small stud or rivet on the fastening of the shoulder strap.
SHAPE OF BAG Fat, Round or Square.
Each time you play, it'll be a different bag, and you can't load or save during this section, so it's literally 'do or die', as you'll get blown up if you discard the wrong bag.

Once you've found the bag you're looking for, Ed and Jonathan examine it carefully. It's ticking... It's a bomb! It's interesting to note that both Dave (on his death-bed) and Meryl (once you've found the bomb) mention AP. Are they suspected of involvement already, or are they the people who usually handle this sort of thing?

For the bomb defusing section, please refer to Chris Hoffman's Policenauts Bomb Guide. Once the bomb's been made safe (you have about 10 minutes at the start, but I don't think it's real-time all the time), You chat with Ed some more, then head outside where some cops in their EMPS are hanging around like spare parts. As they leave, Meryl notices one is bleeding... Save again, then move on to...

ACT 3 - DRUG>>>

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