Gatse is annoyed. He rants on for a while, being a bit of a git, going by the look on Ed's face, but after a few words from Jonathan, he seems to soften a little. Lorraine's name comes up a couple of times, as does Tokugawa's. When the speech is finished, it seems that you must report everything to Gatse. When you're done, he'll have a final word with you before you go. When you leave, head for Ed's office to console Meryl (notice the flowers she's put on Dave's desk) and discuss things with her some more. She seems to suddenly remember something, and mentions something about the EMPS, specifically the bleeding one. When you're done with her, head off to Victor's room and chat with him for a bit. Using dialogue option 1, followed by option 4, show him the syringe thing from the train station. It seems to be something connected to the AP. Whatever's going on, it looks like the Police may be involved to some degree. Tokugawa must also know something, so it's time to pay his Pharmacy R&D building another visit

As it's night time, the place is very much deserted. Next to the far door (the stripy one), is a panel. Examine it, then pick the new option. The door slides open, and you enter.
The newly revealed room appears to be an arboretum of some kind, and the flowers being grown have some connection with NARC. They look like purple poppies. Examine them, then try the second option a couple of times. I'm not certain what it does, but it disappears after a couple of attempts. Examine the gallery level of the room, and there'll be a bit more speech. Examine the red door on the far wall, then try to go through. More speech will ensue, then you'll go into the next room... The manufacturing plant. Examine everything carefully, particularly the pond in the middle (seed pods?) and the pills to the left (NARC capsules - notice the 'half leaf' logo). As you examine things, Jonathan and Ed will talk occasionally, letting you know - loosely - that you're on the right track.

Soon you'll find yourself back at BCPD, talking to Gatse, and organising a strike on the Tokugawa Pharmacy R&D building. This bit is all story telling, you have no control over it at this stage, so just sit back and watch some groovy cinematics.

After some introductory dialogue, choose to enter the building. Gatse orders all squads to converge, and you'll enter. The poor old guard can't do anything to stop you, but you'll need to talk to him to gain entrance to the back room. Tokugawa himself arrives, suggesting that things are about to go a bit sour for you...

Gatse, Tokugawa and Jonathan will argue for a while. When confronted with the accusation that he's making NARC, Tokugawa comes across all innocent, and gets the door opened for you. Get ready for a shock... Examine the flowers - they're different! Suddenly, they're purple tulips!! Naturally, Tokugawa has a good explanation for all of it, and Gatse is beginning to think Jonathan's got him into a stupid situation. Check them again using the new option, then again, to continue the dialogue. Now you're looking a bit dumb, head into the back room, to find even more has changed since you were here last night. Examine everything as before, and you'll discover that this room is used - perfectly innocently - for the manufacture of the DDS capsules, not NARC, and the pool seems to be empty. The pills on the left are the standard 'full leaf' logo capsules from the K-9 project. Still everything is perfectly legal. It's starting to look bad for Jonathan and Ed. Tokugawa has another natter, then something is discovered in the plant. Kenzo Hojyo's dead body. He's been shot. The phrase 'video camera' turns up in the dialogue, and someone mentions DNA a few times. It sounds like there may be a video recording of Jonathan killing Kenzo, so he's arrested for his murder and that of Lorraine. Maybe it's been set up to look like a crime of passion... I don't know. Something's mentioned about the bomb event in the bag shop (an image from that section is displayed). Gatse continues to rabbit on, while Ed dutifully restrains an angry Jonathan. Jonathan is cuffed, then searched, at which point the CD-ROM and Kenzo's ID Card are found. Tokugawa starts laughing, then Gatse joins in and Jonathan is rendered unconscious. The save menu pops up again, so save and carry on to...

Jonathan dreams about Lorraine, and taking one of his photos. The camera remote control becomes the bomb trigger used by the Masked Bomber right at the start of the story, Gatse turns up, then Jonathan sees Lorraine blown up. He wakes up to find Karen standing over him. She fills him in on what happened - there was a road accident, in which she and Ed rescued Jonathan.

Examine the watch on the table, if only because it's suddenly appeared, and stands out a bit. Looks like it might have belonged to Lorraine..? Talk to Karen about everything that's available, but make a point of talking about Lorraine. I got the impression that Karen doesn't really know how Jonathan is connected to Lorraine, but I guess she finds out now. Watch the TV for a report on the car accident. I'm not sure, but it may be reporting Jonathan's death, or that he's escaped custody. The report mentions Ed Brown, and Gatse Becker, then goes to a conference with Gatse, where he talks about Jonathan, the Policenauts and NARC. Not sure of the details, though. Talk to Karen some more (option 2, 3). There's a short cartoon sequence, in which Karen leaps on Jonathan (well, nearly), Jonathan looks at a photo of Lorraine, and just as things are about to get interesting, there's a phone call. It's Ed. Great timing, pal.

Ed fills you in on the goings on, then you get the opportunity to question him about specific things. Go through everything, and eventually you'll start talking about Hojyo's body (another sepia-toned flashback image). Victor comes into the conversation a couple of times, as does the BCCH (Victor popped over there to investigate a few things, I gather). As he puts the phone down, Ed makes a comment about Karen, and suddenly, she's pointing a gun at Jonathan. Sexual frustration? No. Turns out to be a practical joke of some kind. I really don't understand it, myself... Let's just move on, shall we

ACT 4 - ORGAN>>>

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