I cannot guarantee that this is completely technically accurate for all versions of the game: I've been working with the Japanese Saturn version alone. I have been in contact with one person who has the 3DO version of the game and one with the PlayStation version, and all seems to be essentially the same.

Also, throughout this text, I've made some pretty big guesses as to the plot. Since the game is in Japanese, and my understanding of the language is pretty poor, I don't know what's happening. I have a working knowledge of "Buddy Movie" cliché, "Cop Show" cliché, "Villain's Master Plan" cliché and the like, so I just piece things together as I see them in the context of the cartoon cut-scenes, locations, etc. Corrections and additions are welcome.

I should point out that following this walk-through may harm your enjoyment of the game... If you manage to get your hands on Policenauts, you deserve to enjoy it as best you can, but obviously some people won't enjoy it if they can't make any sense of it... Hence this section.

Look out for some references to other Konami games in the intro, and throughout the game. On the street outside Jonathan's office, you should see a sign saying 'Pizza Metal', and another saying 'Solid Snake', along with a large billboard advertising Konami's Neo Kobe race game Speed Kings.

I'll take this opportunity to again thank Chris Hoffman, for enabling me to complete the game - and thereby this guide - by writing a guide to defusing the bomb in Act 2, and Lee Slone for telling me of the guide's existence. Marc Laidlaw deserves a huge credit for the updates to this guide which include translations of text and dialogue from the game. Thanks also go out to 'ghostintheshells' and 'Nall White Dragon' for asking questions and making me get off my arse and write some of this down.

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