What? You've sat through the Epilogue, and now you want MORE? OK, how's this: Assuming you chose to 'continue after save' at the end of Act 7, you can view the epilogue again at any time, just by loading that saved game. You still want more?!

Saturn Extra Treat #1: The game's main menu has a new option tagged on the end on Disc #1...
See some of 'The Making of Policenauts', and view adverts for the 3DO and Saturn/PlayStation versions of the game. There's also a series of interview clips with the voice actress behind Karen Hojyo (Inoue Kikuko - she's also Lushi (Lucy?) Ris in Langrisser3, fact fans).

Saturn Extra Treat #2: You can now play just about all of the shooting sections from the whole game.
On all discs, the fifth option down in the main menu is to do with the gun. In the menu that's displayed after that, the first option is the training range, and the last is 'back to main menu'. In between these two is a selection of the gun sequences for the game. Try 'em out. Strangely, this reward may have a time limit: When I completed the game he first time round, I could play all the shooting sections, but when I tried playing again some months later, I only had the shooting gallery available, not any of the game sections...

Perhaps not much of a secret, but that 'extra option' mentioned in the context of talking to some of the game's female characters involves giving their breasts a wobble. When you're in the dark bit of BCCH in Act 4, you can do this to Karen, but this seems to be the one and only opportunity with her. It's a bit hit-and-miss as to how and with whom you can make this option available. Try it out if you like.

Lastly, it's interesting to note the fact that, if you start a new game having already completed it, the gun on Jonathan's desk has a cable trailing from the grip. This doesn't seem to affect anything, it's just a change to the picture. According to Ryan Fisher, the gun looks like Konami's Lethal Enforcers gun and, since it's known that Hideo Kojima is a friend of the LE creator (anyone out there know his name?), who helped in the making of Snatcher and Policenauts, this is probably an in-joke between the two.

If anyone out there would like to fill me in on any secrets and rewards from the PlayStation and 3DO versions of the game, it'd be greatly appreciated!

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