Accessible from the main menu, and at BCPD. You can play numerous little games, which are all well worth a look. If you choose Training mode, you get a choice between two potential targets. The third option initially says 'Now Printing'. Once you've tried one of the targets, this becomes a caricature of Ed. If you shoot it, he'll have a few stern words for you. Next time, the picture is of Tony Redwood. This one's very good, and the tattoo above his eye becomes '69'. Shoot him up a little, and hear the gales of laughter. The third and final image is of a Snatcher. Shooting this one rewards you with a dramatic sound effect.

Outside Jonathan's office, followed by a chase through the alleyways of Old L.A. The masked bomber hides in fairly obvious places, and isn't too hard to get at. In the end, he escapes by bike. In the first screen, look at the billboard on the left - it's advertising Konami's 'Speed King' racing game, set in Neo Kobe City (Snatcher).


In your second visit to the Astronauts Memorial Museum, you first have to shoot a swarm of robotic mosquitoes in the 'Planetarium/Viking' section. I don't think you're meant to actually get anywhere in this bit, but keep shooting 'til your pointer returns and you can leave the room.

In the 'Apollo' exhibit, you have a shoot-out with a guy in a spacesuit. He keeps ducking behind the lunar pod's ladder, so he's quite difficult to hit. Doesn't take too many shots to put him down, though. Who the hell is he, though? With him out of the way, you're free to grab the fire extinguisher hung up on the wall behind where he was standing. Drag this into the main reception area, and examine the huge rock thing in the middle to rid yourself of the troublesome robot insects.

Next up, the bike chase is quite difficult, and the best advice I can offer is to use a gun with auto fire and auto reload. Just keep plugging away at him until he zooms off, and you're through to the next part. There are three parts to the bike chase shoot-out, with your quarry increasing his aggressiveness in each part.

Once he's fallen off his bike, he'll run off to the train station. Here you'll find him hiding to the left of the screen. He'll run to different locations on the screen, and eventually into the station. On the platform, he's hiding behind one of the posts, and will run onto the train. The shooting continues for a couple of carriages, until he takes a hostage, and manages to scarper. Unfortunately for him, Dave Forrest and Meryl Silverburgh are waiting for him...



Oooh. These are tough. You're on the moon, and your first dangerous encounter is with your old pal Salvatore Toscanini. He first dodges to the left of the screen, hiding amongst three of the chambers and the staircase. He then runs across the screen to the right, shooting all the way. A few more hits and he'll run back out to the middle. A few more hits and he'll be on his knees, but don't stop shooting 'til he collapses. He's a sneaky bastard, and will start shooting again if you give him the chance.

Once you get outside, the two EMPS mechs now have pilots. And guns. The trick here is to shoot out the face plates. This calls for a well calibrated gun, and some pretty good marksmanship. Not impossible, though. At this point, I recommend switching off autofire, and plugging away with the trigger alone. Hit the lefthand EMPS first (as it fires first), then when his faceplate is blown, hit the righthand one.

When you try to escape the moon, you'll be confronted by some BCPD EMPS mechs. These are actually quite easy. Just plug away 'til they blow up. I think I found it was occasionally possible to shoot their bullets - Virtua Cop Boss style - but it could just have been luck... There's three of these muthas to get through.

Well, there are a couple of shooting sections to this, but they don't involve you... Just Ed (in the AMM) and Kris (at BCCH). Heh.

This is one long shoot-out, and you can't save after you've started. It's a good idea to get in loads of practice in the game's shooting range, because this bit is more complicated! You're greeted by five guards, each with automatic weapons. They're easy to take down - one shot each. Sadly, this just alerts the rest of the troops, and they pop up at random over the balconies. When you get in the lift, you're attacked by a BCPD EMPS on the 20th floor. Shoot it up, and it crashes into the building. Unfortunately, this seems to make the lift fail, so you have to disembark. Tony Redwood then show up in his EMPS, throws a van at you, and proceeds to shoot at you. Destroy his suit and he does a runner up the stairs. Follow him round the stairs (shooting some more), and you have another little duel on the 30th floor. He scarpers up the stairs again, bringing you to another floor-to-floor shooting match, but here's where he meets his end. Not because of his injuries, though - the bastard throws himself over the balcony!

Up on the 40th floor, you're expecting to find Gatse Becker, but not piloting a whole new Tokugawa EMPS! You only get to take one shot, and it's a bad one... but then, you've already finished the game...

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