You can't get in the front way, but a small door towards the left (light is coming out of it, so it's not too difficult to spot) will let you in. From reception, move off to the third option on the locations list. The lights are out initially, but there's a barely-visible touch-sensitive light on the left. Hit the buttons on the newly-lit panel and you'll soon be confronted by a very dead body in a bag suspended from the ceiling. Ick. Examine all the body bags, the machine to the left and the thing labeled No. 7 in the middle. It's Victor! Blimey, people are dropping like flies around here. Examine the block in the background, closer to the middle, to reveal a couple of tanks containing organs. Examine these tanks, taking note of the ID tags on the bases. One contains one of Dave's kidneys, the other contains Jim Ishida's heart, but suggests that his eyes and a kidney have also been harvested. Ick again.

When you leave this cupboard, Karen hears a sound. Jonathan issues a challenge, and Ed rounds the corner. They have another little chat, where Ed says the word 'Biomort'. They seem to discuss the possibility of using the CG Karen to expose everything on the BBC (maybe not...), but eventually leave. Ed and Jonathan then head away from Beyond Coast to continue their investigation in...

ACT 5 - LUNAR>>>

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