This section opens with Salvatore giving a presentation to visitors about whatever it is they're doing on the moon. Jonathan and Ed talk briefly, and Jonathan switches on a voice modifier to avoid detection. Salvatore continues his presentation, and shortly you can start examining things, then talk to Salvatore. A few new interesting phrases turn up: Mare Imbrium, Plato and Uncopuos, there's a stream of numbers, Sinus Iridum, Arcimedes, EMU and HUD. When you've gone through all the initial options, a new option appears in the menu you get from option 1, followed by option 1 again. Carry on some more, and Ed buts in, then Salvatore speaks some more. When you exit the conversation, Salvatore finishes his presentation, but Ed and Jonathan have hidden away, so they can hang around on the moon base after everyone else has flown off. They chat some more, they you have (almost) free run of the place. Examine the hangar towards the right of the view from the window, then head over there.

Two advanced EMPS are standing outside the hangar. They're without pilots, you you're safe to enter. There's a fairly obvious panel to the right of the door, so examine that. Ed rescued Kenzo's ID Card from BCPD, so entry is no problem.

It's dark initially, but the lights come on shortly. The hangar is full of (dead?) bodies in storage tanks. Ed uses the word 'Biomort' again at this point. Start examining the tanks, and you'll soon find Dave. This now suggests a connection between BCCH, where Dave was taken and the NARC / Organ harvesting ring. You'll find another 'noteworthy' body (you'll get a new view and some speech), and as you carry on, you'll get bits of speech here and there, and the view will scroll up to a board suspended from the ceiling, and a few more sepia-toned 'piecing it all together' scenes, then Salvatore will turn up and start talking, almost certainly doing the traditional 'telling the good guys all about everything before trying to kill them'. This involves details about how he sabotaged the original prototype EMPS. Pretty soon, he'll start shooting, dodging first to the left, then to the right. When he comes back out to the middle, he's doing some kind of 'berzerker rage' thing, and carries on firing after he falls over the first time. Examine him quickly, then get the hell outta there.

When you get outside, the two EMPS are piloted, and some precision shooting is required to blow out their face plates. They fire pretty fast and hard, but keep at it, it's not too difficult... When they're dead, head back to the viewing lounge where Ed will say something about a 'Mass Driver'. Examine the building towards the left, which has a ramp coming out of it, then go there.

Examine the ramp, then the building on the left. Use the new second option, then examine the platform at the bottom left. This summons a BCPD EMPS. Shoot him out of the sky, and two more come along. Destroy these and a new menu option turns up. Choose the first option, and you'll scarper into a shuttle craft. The save menu pops up again, then you're back to Beyond Coast for...


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