As soon as you get in, Ana tells you Marc's been kidnapped (irritating mop-headed little brat deserves everything he gets). A message tells you to go to the AMM for the meeting...

It's the 30th Anniversary of Beyond Coast Space Colony, so the place is packed. In Karen's BBC van, you can switch between eight camera views of various areas of the museum. Ed and Meryl are in place on cameras 5 and 1 respectively. Use the buttons by the monitors to mount a surveillance on the museum. Soon enough, cameras 3 and 4 go on the blink, so send Meryl in to investigate. Shortly the picture comes back, and Meryl is now on camera 3. Talk to her to see what happened (not that you'll understand it). She'll then disappear. Check on Ed to keep him informed and you'll soon see a familiar face (or should I say mask?) appear on camera 3. Examine this new appearance, then let Ed know and he'll be on his way there, but not quick enough, as the guy will disappear very shortly. Flick through the monitors until Ed appears on camera 3 and Meryl appears on camera 7. Talk to both to keep them informed, and you'll soon find Marc on camera 1, accompanied by a man in a space suit. Let Meryl and Ed know, and Meryl will speed off to that location. Again, not fast enough, as they'll have moved long before she get there, and reappear on camera 7. How did Meryl miss them if they were just switching positions? Talk to either Meryl or Ed to inform both of them, and they'll try to outflank the bad guy and rescue Marc. Ed gets there first, swiftly followed my the Masked Bomber. While Meryl's stuck in the crowds, Ed gets himself shot. As Jonathan moves to go after the bad guys, Karen collapses in the van. Meryl lets him know that Ed's alive, but needs an ambulance, but Jonathan doesn't seem to be listening... Wow.

Kris is overseeing Ed's recovery - the tough old geezer's still alive. Cue touching moments around the hospital bed, with Ana almost in tears and Jonathan doing his best to reassure her (I guess). Marc's OK, but as quiet as ever. Karen, meanwhile has something wrong with her. The doctor by her bed fills you in, and during a conversation with him, the term HLA turns up. Keep plugging away with this line of enquiry and eventually, Gatse Becker's name crops up, along with, a little bit of dialogue later, Tokugawa... Keep talking, and the doctor takes some blood from Jonathan's arm, I guess for this HLA thing. Meryl then pops in, with Marc brandishing his sketch pad. The sketch she shows you includes the Masked Bomber, the spaceman and a purple flower... Hmmm. There's a flashback to the day when Ed shot the guy who was about to kill Marc, and some more discussion about NARC. The view of Marc and the guy who was holding him at knife point scrolls to the left, revealing a face looking remarkably like a young Tony Redwood, and AP is mentioned. Coincidence?

literally a picture containing the more important characters from the game. Pick out Kris Goldwin, and you move back to...

She's doing something with the machines!!! When you challenge her (automatically) she runs to the window (bad move!) and reveals all. There's something about her baby in this, but I've no idea how it all connects. I think she mentions Tony, definitely mentions Tokugawa. As the conversation goes on, it seems that Jonathan reveals a few things to Kris then, suddenly, she's gunned down by someone in a BCPD EMPS. The pilot runs off in the general direction of Tokugawa H.Q., so it's there you'll be heading in...

ACT 7 - DUEL>>>

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