If you've seen all three news reports, you'll just have to move on. Put the pointer to one edge of the screen, press the action button and select the first option to view your choices.

There are two possibilities and for some reason, the game won't let you go to the Hojyo Residence just yet. The only option left, then, is to pay the BCPD a visit.

Check out the mechs standing in front of you. These are the current BCPD EMPS... technology has certainly marched on in the 30 years since you were last here! Examine the building, then go in using the second option, once it's available.

When you enter the building, the desk sergeant immediately notices you and says something. When you talk to him, you get a close up of his face, then you can start questioning him. I'd guess the important thing to do would be to select option 1, then 3, to ask about Ed. His response to being questioned about Ed includes the word 'JUNK'. Since this game is broadly reported to be the prequel to Snatcher, is this the origin of JUNKER..? or is it just meant to indicate that Ed's just dealing with the junk cases these days?

Try to get as much info as possible out of him. Not that you'll understand any of it. He will explain that AP is Advanced Police. These are the guys who pilot the EMPS. (You're only forced to go through two sets of options with the desk sergeant - 1/3, 1/4 - to get to see Ed, but the rest must be there for some reason.)

To pay a visit on Ed, put the pointer to one edge of the screen, bring up the menu and select the second option (the first being 'GO OUTSIDE'). You'll have a brief chat with the desk sergeant again, then go to Ed's room. Where he's asleep.

Since the other two aren't too talkative, you'll have to wake poor Ed. Examine him, then select the new option which replaces examine when you next bring up the menu. That doesn't work, so try again, this time selecting the second option. Looks like he's fast asleep, so try again, using the third option to finally wake him. After a short movie, Ed decides to help you out, and you can now get more information out of Meryl and Dave. Once you're done with them, it's time to take a tour of the station. Available locations are: Front Desk, Forensics Lab, Target Range, Advanced Police section and, of course, Ed's Office.

To advance the story, you must pop in on Victor in Forensics, discuss everything (you'll hand over the capsules and leaf), then go the AP section and talk to Gatse Becker (the fist time you enter the AP section, you'll go straight to him - he's sat behind a desk at the back of the room). When you're done with him, return to the main AP Section and talk to the familiar looking purple-haired geezer. When you first meet him here, he's holding a bomb (perhaps something to do with Lorraine's murder). When you're done with him, you have a long chat with Ed.

Spend some time in the Target Range, then go back to Victor, to check out AID - the Auto-analysis Identification Device - which will provide an analysis of the capsules Lorraine gave you before she got blown up. This seems to be the only time that AID comes into play... I don't understand the analysis of the first two capsules (red and blue), but the green capsule is high in vitamin B12 and the white one seems to have something to do with endorphins. Victor gives you a very long presentation on all the capsules, showing the red capsule with its logo (very like the Tokugawa logo), then comparing it to the other two capsules - blue has the same logo, but red and white have the mirror image of the logo. After the presentation, Ed and Jonathan discuss Kenzo, Lorraine and NARC, before Victor launches into the analysis of the half leaf. After the presentation, go around dicussing NARC with the various people at BCPD (Gatse, then Meryl and Dave)

When you seem to be done at BCPD, go to the Front Desk and leave for your next destination. From outside BCPD, you are offered two options: back into BCPD or 'TAKE A CAR TO...'. This second option offers the choice of two destinations: a Tokugawa building or the Hojyo house. Only the Tokugawa building is accessible at this point, though. As you leave, a couple of Policenauts EMPS mechs go off on patrol in a nice little movie sequence. In the car, along the way, Jonathan and Ed chat some more.

Enter the building in the usual way. Talk to the security guard, using option 1, then option 1 in the new menu to find out about Kenzo Hojyo. Carry on asking question from the first option's menu until you've ascertained that Kenzo worked in the DDS Room, then try to get in. The guard opens the door for you, but accompanies you into the room.

Check out the large board on the far wall to find out about Kenzo's K- Projects. K-9, the latest, isn't up there, but examining the calendar (the game calls it a 'white board') to the left reveals a scrawled message - K-9...100...BCCH - entered under Wednesday the 15th. To the left again is a small photo of Kenzo and Lorraine, and in front of this, sitting on another desk, is Kenzo's computer, the grey behemoth they call T-GEAR99. For the moment, it seems that you can look, but you can't touch.
Talk to the guard again, using the menu from the first option to find out about the 15th and BCCH, but also go through the other options, as you can drill him for more information now. When you're done, exit the room, then the building and take a drive to...

Examine the door, then choose the new option to ring the doorbell. After mentioning something about ID, a young woman opens the front door. Jonathan, for some reason, thinks it's Lorraine, but it's actually Karen, her daughter. She recognises Jonathan, and starts shouting for a bit, then Ed cuts in resulting in Karen going all dewy eyed, and eventually allowing you in. Talk to Karen about Lorraine for some speech, then go through all other options. In reply to one question, she'll mention 'HLA' and the hospital (BCCH), which comes back into play towards the end of the game. Also, using question option 2, followed by option 2, Jonathan shows Karen a photo of himself and Lorraine. When you're done talking to Karen for now, bring up the menu to leave the house, and you'll notice another option to enter...

Find Kenzo's ID Card on the desk in his study, a shrine to Lorraine and a small Kamon List on the wall. You can now leave safe in the knowledge that you've got what you came for, but you should check out Karen's CD rack in the living room before you leave. Try clicking on some of the CDs for a selection of music from (I think) miscellaneous Konami games. It's also worth catching up on the news via Karen's TV. You know when you've seen all you need to see when the news starts to repeat.

Talk to receptionist (after examining her, third option allows you to get a lower-than-usual view. Examining the right spot opens up a fourth option, too). Once you've heard about 1F...B, you can go and see Kris Goldwin by clicking away from the nurse and selecting the first option, then the second.

Kris seems very excited to be meeting two of the original Policenauts, possibly something to do with the framed picture featuring the original five and a young blonde. This picture is from 2013, when Kris was a 14 year old model. When you look at the other photo, it seems that Kris had a baby when she was 19... Not entirely sure of that age, though.

Talk to Kris, going through all lines of dialogue. It sounds like she does know Kenzo, and she also mentions HLA but that's about all I can figure out. If you examine her purse (or whatever the grey thing is in her right hand), it turns out she's got a pet micro-machine mosquito. Didn't you see one of those on the presentation board of Kenzo's K- projects..? Talk to Kris again, selecting the first option followed by the last option. You'll discover the robo-mozzie has something to do with AIDS and the mosquito will be released. It'll fly around, then settle, at which point you have to try to swat it (with the pointer). Kris is panicking, and the little terror will avoid the pointer consistently until it lands on one of her breasts. You still have to be quick to get it, but it's not too difficult. While all this is going on, Jonathan's tone of voice exhibits more and more excitement. The perv.
(Perv note: When Kris is sitting with her right leg over her left knee, try clicking on the 'exposed area')

When you're done here, and choose to leave, you have two options - back to reception, or to a supplies room, which should be your next destination.

If you chat to the chubby hunchbacked fellow - Ishida - it seems that he also know Kenzo. You can chat to him about Kenzo, K-9 at the date of the 15th. He mentions the 100 which was written on the calendar. The name Tokugawa comes up at one point. There's a hell of a lot of speech when talking to this guy, so obviously something important is being talked about... Guesswork? While Kenzo's calendar says 100 of whatever were to be delivered to BCCH, Ishida here only received 3 as a sample. What happened to the other 97, noone knows. When you're done be sure to check out the familiar-looking computer on the desk in the background. Sure enough, it's a T-GEAR99. Could be useful...

When you're done, leave the room and you return to Kris' room and discuss the couple of new lines of dialogue with her. After this, it's time to move on, so head back to reception and leave. When you get outside and choose to drive to a new location, there are two Tokugawa options. Choose the new one, and you'll chat to Ed for a short time, then head towards a tower which seems to be as tall as Beyond Coast is wide...

TOKUGAWA H.Q. "PROP" (maybe it 'props' up the roof of Beyond Coast..?)
Talk to the receptionist, going through all available options. Eventually, she'll consult her computer about something. From that point, choose the second option, followed by the second option and she'll talk some more (occasionally this won't happen, and if you use option 1, followed by option 2, she calls security and has you thrown out. I don't understand why this happens, but if you go somewhere else, then come back here, she should let you in). At this point, you can leave the conversation and visit Tokugawa by choosing the longer option in the choice of destinations from reception, or by selecting the elevator door, then the longer option. The receptionist will talk some more, then you'll be in the elevator. Examine the blue control panel to the left, then choose the second option to start your ascent. Nice view, isn't it?

The 40th floor is right at the middle of Beyond Coast, so the gravity's pretty much nonexistent. What we have here is a Zero-G Garden or Gym or brothel...or something. Click around the place, you'll find you can talk to two of the waitresses, not that they're much help. You can also examine a rather menacing golden EMPS, and one of the floating tables. Once you've done all you can do, Toscanini, Tokugawa and a familiar looking blonde turn up. You might as well talk to Dr. Goldwin and Toscanini, but I'd guess the only important one is Tokugawa. Go through all the options, but note that sooner or later an argument will start between Jonathan and Tokugawa, which results in Jonathan and Ed getting thrown out and (after you've had the opportunity to save) move on to...


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