Lorraine Hojyo

Age: 55
Occupation: Unknown

Jonathan's ex-wife, Lorraine visits him in his office in Old Los Angeles, to ask for his help - her husband Kenzo Hojyo is missing. All the clues she can give you are a couple of capsules, half a leaf and the word 'Pluto'.

Jonathan supposedly refuses the case, as he never wants to go back to Beyond Coast. He watches as Lorraine leaves, noticing a suspicious-looking masked man over the road just before her car blows up. Her dying words are a request for Jonathan to return to Beyond Coast, mentioning her daughter - Karen - who may be in danger...

Tony Redwood Gatse Becker Joseph Sadaoki Tokugawa Salvatore Toscanini Victor Jurgens
Karen Hojyo Lorraine Hojyo Kenzo Hojyo
Meryl Silverburgh Dave Forrest Kris Goldwin Marc Brown Ana Brown

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