Kenzo Hojyo

Age: 53
Occupation: Research Chemist, Tokugawa Pharmacy R&D

As the game opens, Kenzo has gone missing, and part of this game is to try and track him down.

He and Lorraine apparently married not long after Jonathan's accident (what are the odds that someone whose spacesuit malfunctions, sending them spinning out into space, is going to be recovered alive 25 years later. You can't really blame her - except insofar as Kenzo's a bit of a spud, and slightly nerdy).

He works in the Drug Delivery System (DDS) lab, and has worked on a series of projects each with a K- prefix. He seems to have gone missing during or after the final stages of his latest project, K-9.

Tony Redwood Gatse Becker Joseph Sadaoki Tokugawa Salvatore Toscanini Victor Jurgens
Karen Hojyo Lorraine Hojyo Kenzo Hojyo
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