"Everything's going to be alright, Ed. Marc understands now"
Ed offers Jonathan a friendly farewell, and hands him a package from Karen. This reminds Jonathan that he has a present - from Marc - for Ed. He hands over a rolled up piece of paper, which Ed opens up... It's a drawing of Ed, labelled 'Papa'. Ed is moved to tears by this - Marc has finally accepted him has his father.

Jonathan gets on the treadmill thing to his plane, with Ed shouting to him along the way ("Jonathan?! Let's do a sequel sometime!"..? Or, more accurately, "Jonathan, we made a good team, didn't we? Lemme give you some advice, then: quit smoking!"). Jonathan notices Meryl standing up against a pillar, and she tosses him a packet of ciggies (poor lad's been doing without for so long). He then notices she's wearing Dave's goggles around her neck. He gives a little smile, then turns away and carries on.

"This incident, which involved even the upper levels of BCP, has left many problems surrounding the future of space development."
Jonathan's watching the news, presented by Karen with her funky new hairstyle, and remembers the package Ed gave him. Inside is a short letter, in which Karen thanks him, and Jonathan's watch, which he'd left at the Hojyo residence. Contented, Jonathan switches off his light. Roll Credits.

Beyond is just an extension of Earth. No matter how far out into space mankind travels, its relationship with Earth is eternal.
Generation after generation will continue to live here. We cannot achieve that kind of independence.
We will always be nearby, watching over her…

It's official. You've completed Policenauts. Give yourself a pat on the back.

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