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This website has been around for ages. We're talking 15 years or more. The first draft of this website is older than some folks using the internet today. God, that makes me feel old...

The name came about as a sort of 'brand' for my creative work, mostly - to begin with - on the SAM Coupé.

Back when I was updating this site regularly, I described it as "Me, Online"... which was a fairly accurate description, especially when I got bored and gave up on it for months at a time.

Now, since times have changed so dramatically, I'm reworking this old site to be a hub for all my online activities... which it kinda always was, only now those activities are mostly elsewhere.


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Toys, HEXcetera...

A new blog about toys
that aren't TransFormers

Now live, but not updating very often!

(what is it with me and blog backlogs?)

The UK Policenauts Homepage My deviantArt gallery

(As of) February 2014
Well, it's been almost five years since I last updated this page... and, surprisingly, this update is basically all about taking stuff down. The Gallery has closed, in favour of sticking arty things up on my deviantArt account. The Collection is gone, in favour of the rather more focussed toy blog. Then there are the two other blogs - because, as Oscar Wilde once said, "one can never have too many blogs"* - one is on the subject of food, and the other is about my family's efforts to refurbish a 30-year-old dolls' house for my niece.

The Policenauts section remains, because I believe it's still a very valuable resource, even though efforts are being made to create an English patch for use on emulators. Maybe, once I've played the emulated/translated version, I'll be in a better position to finish that section of the site.

The final addition to this 'Hub of All Things HEXdidn't...' is a business-friendly link to my LinkedIn profile, just for fun. Oh, and there are some Social Networking links where appropriate... Bleh.

(* this is entirely untrue)

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