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This website has been around for ages. We're talking well over 20 years. The first draft of this website is older than some folks using the internet today. God, that makes me feel old...

The name came about as a sort of 'brand' for my creative work, mostly - to begin with - on the SAM Coupé.

Back when I was updating this site regularly, I described it as "Me, Online"... which was a fairly accurate description, especially when I got bored and gave up on it for months at a time.

Now, since times have changed so dramatically, I'm reworking this old site to be a hub for all my online activities... which it kinda always was, only now those activities are mostly elsewhere.


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(As of) March 2019
Well, it's been about another five years since I last updated this page... and, with any luck, this will be the start of a few actual, worthwhile updates to the content herein.

The Policenauts section hadn't been properly updated since I first created it (about 20 years ago!) but, with a copy of the English-patched version now in my possession, I've been playing it every once in a while and have started tinkering with a thorough overhaul of that section of the site. In English, the game is everything I'd hoped it to be - in-depth, atmospheric... and quite funny in places. Jonathan is... shall we say a little unreconstructed... and some of his observations are in hilariously poor taste. It's also been weird to see how much nuance was lost to me when I first played the game in Japanese - not least how angry Karen was to see Jonathan on her doorstep, and why.

For more details on The Policenauts Translation Project, have a look at their website and Twitter. A patch is available through the website, but the patched version will run only on an emulator unless you have a FreeSaturn cartridge (or equivalent) and a Saturn capable of running US games (the patch evidently changes the region protection of the game).

How much and how quickly the Resource gets updated depends on a number of things... Technically, starting sooner rather than later would be a good and viable option, but I've got a lot going on right now...

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